Let’s find out How to Get All Boons/Buff Quests in Traitors of Salem!

Traitors of Salem is the next evolution in the Salem Universe, where you can control your favorite characters such as the Pilgrim, Witch, Werewolf, and more to explore Salem. All the characters have their own role at the beginning of the game. Boons are basically buffs that you can get for your character while playing the game. They are permanent throughout the rest of the game.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get All Boons/Buffs Quests in Traitors of Salem!

How to Get all Boons Quests: Traitors of Salem (Beta)

Vision Boots

The first thing that you can do is to get vision boots, which can be obtained from John Jr., who is found next to the tree at the top of the map.

This quest is gotten through a wooden gate that is right next to John Jr., where you can get into your specific area.

All you have to do is to cross through the field without touching any of the ships. In the end, you have to touch the frog and you will get the vision boost quest after you go back and talk to John Jr. again.

The second quest is also another quest from John Jr. that will ask you to collect sheep around the city. The first sheep with yellow marking can be found around the maze.

The red sheep can be found around the town center.

The last green sheep can be found around the cave entrance.

Ability Cooldown Reduction Boon

The next thing to be obtained is the ability cooldown reduction. This boon gives you a shorter cooldown on all of your abilities.

You can obtain this through Sabrina, who only appears after night one starts. She spawns randomly on the map. Her quest is safe on the very far right side of the mansion and on the map in general.

At the location you will wind the safe on the right side on the wall.

The way to open this safe, there is a two-step process.

The first step is to change the dagger on the top, that is the angle at which you’re trying to pick whenever you twist the knife on the bottom to quote-unquote.

The way to complete the quest is to move the knife around and use the cues at the very bottom of the screen in order to tell how close you are to where that knife is supposed to be, and when the knife will be in the proper location, it will let you open up the safe.

Once you open the safe, you will finish the quest and obtain your reward.

Speed Boost Boon

The next thing is a movement speed increase, which can be obtained through Puck, and similar to Sabrina, Puck only appears after night one and it may spawn anywhere across the map randomly.

His quest is on the top side of the farm above Mr. Stuffins and it is basically like a glorified red light and green light game.

The way that you go about doing it, you have to move forward whenever the dog goes asleep, and then whenever you see the little alert sign pop up the exclamation point, just stop moving, otherwise, you have to reset.

 Attack Shield Boon

This quest can be obtained through Eden and it is available at the start of the game. It can be found near the maze.

After you talk with Eden, you have to go straight to the target range at the bottom of the maze.

All you have to do is to shoot the targets, try to get the center and you’ll get more points.

Once you are done with the targets, go back to talk to Eden, who will reward you with one-time use shield.

Role Reveal Quest

You can obtain this quest from madam Martha, that you can find her inside of the tavern. To get this quest is by doing your actual quest, and wherever you get that done, you can go to the quest board, and sometimes randomly you will get the Role Reveal.

The way that the Role Reveal works, it will reveal your role to everyone in the town that is in the tavern at that specific time.