How To get Concetta Caciotta: Vampire Survivors

Time to get the newest character in Vampire Survivors: Concetta Caciotta!

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The Concetta Caciotta character is the newest obtainable character in Vampire Survivors. These characters are different from each other in abilities and have different skins. Getting this character will require you to go into a secret area and defeat some monsters. After that is done, you will earn your sweet reward!

This guide will show you how to get the Concetta Caciotta character in Vampire Survivors.

How To get Concetta Caciotta: Vampire Survivors

To start off your journey, you want to go to the Gallo Tower area. When you open the map, on the north side you will see a question mark that will take you to the coffin where the character can be located.

You can use that method to get it, but there is a much easier method that you can use and obtain the character.

Simply climb up the area and hold the left side of the map. As you go up, you will see a mirror on the wall that you can jump into and teleport to the coffin area.

Once you enter the coffin room, go down and fight off the remaining monster.

When all the mobs have been defeated, the coffin will start to sparkle. Go into it and you will obtain the Concetta Caciotta character.