How to get S-Rank in the Hazardous Ruins: My Time at Sandrock!

Time to finally get that S Rank in the Hazardous Ruins at My Time at Sandrock!

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My Time at Sandrock is a fantastic world-builder game where you begin creating the new world 300 years after the apocalypse has wiped out all modern technology. Collecting materials for structures in this game is going to require you to enter ruins that have many enemies. The better you play, the better the rank!

This guide will show you how to get an S rank in the hazardous ruins in My Time at Sandrock.

How to get S-Rank in the Hazardous Ruins: My Time at Sandrock!

When you begin the game, the first-ever encounter that you will be able to get into is “The Breach”. This is located in the middle of the town. Follow the main campaign to gain access into this ruin.

Right before you enter the ruin, you will get a menu that shows you all the levels and their rewards. The ranking system in these ruins goes in this order:

  • S (Best Rank)
  • A
  • B
  • C (Worst Rank)

Every time you go up a level, you can continue doing the next levels and keep on grinding until you can’t do it anymore.

The ranking will be based on the time you’ve spent during the completion of the encounter and the buffs used.

Buffs are all the food status bonuses or potion effects that you have purchased and used right before entering the encounter. Try to not purchase and use any buffs before and during the encounter.

This will land you extra points for getting a better rank.

The timer is different from each level, some higher levels require you more time to complete as the monsters are stronger. Try to be as quick as possible in defeating all the mobs for getting that S Rank.

Getting quick through levels can be obtained easily if you begin learning the Combat Knowledge Tree. Focus your skill tree towards only 1 weapon that you will use to get the most damage out of it. You can purchase a specific weapon at the “Hammer Time” vendor in the town.

A great way to also save time is to avoid some of the enemies that are in the encounter. Kill the main enemies that will grant you access to the last boss which will end the encounter to save time and get the S Rank.

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