Let’s find out How to get Ammonite Necklace in Core Keeper!

Searching for new items and accessories in Core Keeper never ends. As you progress through the big map you will face many bosses and challenges who can reward you with many rare drops. One of them is the Ammonite Necklace, which is an accessory and can be obtained by hitting a Giant Shell, found in the Forgotten Ruins.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Ammonite Necklace in Core Keeper!

How to get the Ammonite Necklace: Core Keeper

It may be so difficult to find this necklace, but if you explore the Clay Caves in the Forgotten Ruins it is so simple to obtain it.

On the image below is marked the exact location where you can obtain the necklace.

Once you get there, the structure that you are looking for is a giant ammonite.

At the destination, you will find a big green shell that you have to hit and the Ammonite Necklace will pop out of it.

This necklace is just a blue rarity of the ammonite necklace and it gives you:

  • +22 max health
  • +13 armor

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