How to get the Caveling Mother’s Ring: Core Keeper

Let’s find out How to get the Caveling Mother’s Ring in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper is a game that is full of many secret places and secret items that you have to explore and obtain on the map. This is something that is very challenging, once you think you found everything, you stumble across a new structure or new monument that has a unique or exclusive loot, something new will come across your progress through the game. The Caveling Mother’s Ring is one of the rare items that can be obtained in Core Keeper.

In this guide, we will show you How to get the Caveling Mother’s Ring!

How to get the Caveling Mother’s Ring: Core Keeper

The location where you can farm this ring is in the middle of Azeo’s Wilderness, in the middle of the all mold Biomes. Check the image below for the exact location.

That what you are looking for is the structure shown in the image below.

You just need to come closer to the grave and dig it with your wooden shovel.

Once you dig the grave at the place with “X” on the ground, the Caveling Mother’s Ring will appear in your items. It is only blue rarity ring.

Ring Statistics:

  • +1.6 health every sec

Item description: An old crystal ring, holding it fills you with a sad feeling you can’t describe.

This item regenerates the most health that you can get every second in the entire game.

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