Souldiers: How To Get The Chest In Hafin City

Let’s locate that hidden chest in the sewers of Hafin City!

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Hafin City is one of the richest and most beautiful regions in Souldiers. Here there is plenty of stuff to do, and one of them is finding a hidden chest down in the sewers. These chests will reward you with great loot that may come beneficial in the future.

This guide will show you how to get the chest in Hafin City in Souldiers.

How To Get The Chest In Hafin City – Souldiers

First of all, of course, you will have to be inside Hafin City itself.

Then from the spawn location proceed to move to your right, go past the blue tent with the bounty poster inside and go up the stairs.

When you climb the stairs you will see a big water well. Jump inside and transform yourself into your helmet so you can move past the little tunnel in the sewer later on. You can do that here:

Now while being this creature, proceed to move down the stairs from where you came from. Get to the floor under the well and simply keep on moving to your right until you see the hole that leads into the sewer system.

Then while down under, keep moving to your left. You will want to keep going and then go into the little tunnel passage and at the end, you will see the Chest you are looking for.

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