Let’s find out How to get the Fireball Staff in Core Keeper!

Surviving the dangers of the Underground World in Core Keeper means you’ll need a good weapon or two. Hungry larvae, sneaky Cavelings, and the game’s enormous bosses will all finish you off quickly if you don’t have a means of defending yourself. Fireball Staff is a rare ranged weapon that deals huge damage to enemies and it is worth being on your weapons list.  

In this guide, we will show you How to get the Fireball Staff!

How to Get the Fireball Staff: Core Keeper

There are two methods for obtaining this weapon. You can either defeat the Caveling Shaman creatures. This method is not the best, because it may take you so long to hunt, and still you wont obtain the weapon.

The other method, which is a better and faster way to obtain the weapon, is to defeat Malugas the Corrupted. To find him, you have to search for the arena that is marked on the map below.

Once you get to the arena, you have to put a skull in the spawn area in the middle to summon the boss. He is a pretty easy boss to defeat and he won’t take you much time if you are in the late game. In early game progress, it could be such a challenge for you.

After defeating the boss, he will drop a chest. There are chances that you can obtain it from the chest, if not you have to try again.

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