How to get the Heart Berry Necklace: Core Keeper

Let’s find out How to get Heart Berry Necklace in Core Keeper!

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If you get many hits in the game and you always see your health low, the Heart Berry Necklace is the right item for your build. This is actually a really good necklace with a purple rarity that it would definitely be good early to mid-game to have on your collection. It will give you some health regeneration while you are exploring and get some damage.

In this guide, we will show you How to get the Heart Berry Necklace in Core Keeper!

How to get the Heart Berry Necklace: Core Keeper

There are multiple ways to get this item, but the way that we are going to show you is located on the map below.

It is located in the Clay Biomes.

Once you get there, you will see some X’s on the ground that you have to dig on them. After a few tries, you may obtain the item.

It is also possible to find this necklace in the treasure chests that appear around the map but it is a bit tricky and may take you a long time until you find it.

Heart Berry Necklace

On the image below, we have the Heart Berry Necklace.

This purple rarity necklace will give you an additional +0.7 health every second while you are running around the map.

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