Let’s find out How to get Ritual Dagger in Core Keeper!

There are plenty of weapons that you can obtain in Core Keeper. One of them is the Ritual Dagger, which is not the most powerful weapon, but it is good enough and it is worth being in your weapons collection.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Ritual Dagger in Core Keeper!

How to get the Ritual Dagger: Core Keeper

The only way to get this weapon is if you get a lucky drop from defeating Malugaz. He is a mini-boss that is located in the Stone Biome.

Check the marked location on the map below.

Ritual Dagger

In the image below, we have the Ritual Dagger!

Weapon Statistics:

  • 106-128 melee damage
  • 3.3 attacks per second
  • +2 glow
  • +6% critical hit chance
  • +1.3% critical hit damage

Weapon description: This unusual dagger is made from a big gemstone shard. There are dark red spots on the handle.

How does Ritual Dagger work?

It is a melee weapon that deals a ton of damage, which has a pretty big attack speed, and can defeat the enemies in a short period with its critical hits.

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