How to Get to the Central Loop Before Story After Patch 1.3: Dying Light 2

Check out How to Get to the Central Loop Before Story After Patch 1.3 in Dying Light 2!

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Central Loop is a place in Dying Light 2 that many players are having trouble going back to because the metro will disappear when players are going back to Old Villedor for completing some side quests. Even if you get stuck and think that you can’t go there, we have some methods to show you how to get back to the Central Loop in Dying Light 2.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get to the Central Loop Before Story After Patch 1.3 in Dying Light 2!

How to Get to the Central Loop Before Story After Patch 1.3: Dying Light 2

First of all, there are some skill requirements you need for this. You need to have the Far Jump ability, Tic Tac, Wall Run, and Wall Run Jump. These skills are very important to make this happen.

The area where you have to start is on the south side of Quarry end, nearby the swimming pool. You just have to make your way to the place where Waltz’s mission takes you.

Head down to the bridge, and follow the path under the bridge to come to the end of the wall.

On the right side of the wall, you will notice a rocks that you have to jump up on them.

At the top, you will come to an area where you have to follow the stairs. At the end of the path, you will come to the closed entrance of the tunnel that leads you to the Central Loop.

Because it is locked, you will have to climb on the rocks next to it and go above the entrance to be able to jump inside above the closed gate.

Once you are inside, make your way through the tunnel and come to the end of it where it will be closed.

Before the patch, there were blue pipes in front of the gate that you can climb on, but now they are gone. All you need to do is to jump on the ambulance truck.

Then from the ambulance truck, jump to the top of the fence, then you will have to use your wall run and tic tac to jump on top above the gate.

It may take you a few tries to do this action.

Once you come there, jump down on the street over the fence, and run forward. Just follow the way of the broken bridge all along the way.

At the end where you won’t be able to jump onto the broken bridge, jump down and head to the left path where is the chemical area.

Because your immunity bar will go down, you have to stop by the tree on the right side of the road fence.

Once your immunity bar is refilled, jump to the right over the fence and continue running through the chemical area.

Because it will drain your immunity, you will have to come to the exact place, near another wood. Check on the image below.

Once your immunity is full, jump down by the cliff and come to the trash can and the bench where the chemical area will disappear.

From here, you have to jump into the water and swim to the bridge.

At the end of the water, climb up the stairs and follow the path going to the top.

On the top, continue to run forward where you will pass by the military truck and follow the path by the left side of the military base.

At the end of the path, you will come to an entrance of another area. Enter inside and run straight to come to a bridge.

Cross the bridge, and you have to come to the top of the building. Check the marked location on the map below.

Jump from the building, so you could die and you have to do the regular review first, that will put you right in the same place on top of the building which is your safe area.

Try to jump again, to kill yourself again, but now you have to choose a different option. If you want to get back over after you’ve activated safehouse, you have to choose “respawn in last story point”.

You will be spawned to the hospital in the same area.

If you choose the rollback feature it will completely take you back to wherever your last checkpoint is, so anything you collected while you were over on the other side of the map will be gone.

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