Let’s find out How to Lift Aurea’s Curse & Repair the Extractor in Little Witch in the Woods!

The Little Witch in the Woods is an amazing fantasy pixel art role-playing game. The game is being developed and published by Sunny Side Up, one of the best South Korean Studios. You are playing the role of the character Ellie who is a young witch moving toward the town.

In this guide, we will show you How to Lift Aurea’s Curse & Repair the Extractor in Little Witch in the Woods!

How to Lift Aurea’s Curse & Repair the Extractor: Little Witch in the Woods

Starting from the Witch’s garden, make your way to the Green Forest Plains and head south until you come to stairs blocked by the Pesky Pumpkins.

Go closer to the Pumpkins to be able to interact and remove them.

Once you clean the stairs, continue forward where you will meet Aurea. You will have a small dialogue. She has a curse of a nature lover and will ask for your help to lift her curse.

In the dialogue, you will find out that you have to craft a Curse-lifting Candy that can lift the curse.

You will receive the recipe for the Curse-lifting Candy, but first, you need to investigate the area around the camp.

You will have to go to the huge prickly vine on the right side of the camp to investigate.

Once you are done, you need to go back to the Witch House and check your recipes book to find out how to prepare the Curse-lifting Candy.

  1. Put 2 Squishychub Fur in an Extractor and squeeze the juice.
  2. Put 2 Maple Herb in an Extractor and squeeze the juice.
  3. Set fire to Stage 3.
  4. Stir the ladle Don’t stir
  5. Pour in the right vessel.

Once you get the recipe, go to your workshop to craft the candy.

After you get the Curse-lifting Candy, go back to Aurea to give it to her. Once Aurea eats the candy, the curse will be lifted and she will reward you Glass Extractor Bottle.

After you receive the Glass Extractor Bottle you will get a new task “Repairing the Crafting Tools”. You will have to fix the Extractor with the glass bottle.

Go back to your workshop where you will have to use the glass bottle to fix the Extractor.

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