How to Make Money: My Time at Sandrock

Let’s find out How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock!

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My Time at Sandrock is a life simulator game that will let you do many activities while exploring the huge world. Crafting, resource gathering, farming, and building are the key aspects to progress through the story of the game, which requires a lot of natural resources as you reach higher levels. The player character is taking a place as a Builder in the dilapidated oasis town of Sandrock, a rough desert environment, and attempts to rebuild the town to its original glory.

In this guide, we will show you How to Make Money in My Time at Sandrock!

How to Make Money: My Time at Sandrock

There aren’t any major or secret ways that you can get a lot of money really quickly, but there are some beneficial practices that will help you to get more.

The very first way is by doing commissions. Every day you can get one commission from the in-game board. In the beginning, you will be able to get only one commission per day, but keep getting them and finish them every day to get a lot of relationship points and a lot of gold.

At the start, for a 1-star commission, you’re going to get 200 gols but later on, for 3-star commissions, you can get up to 2000 gols. Doing the commissions every day will earn you so many gols.

The second way is basically by completing missions. Don’t complete only the main missions that will reward you with a steady stream of gols, but also do the side missions that will teach you a lot about the game and at the same time will earn you some gold. The side missions can reward you with 200-300 gols per mission.

Next is the knowledge tree which is a really good way to get some extra money. There is a three skill points that you should take early in the game.

  1. Quality Bonus Knowledge – gives +10% mission rewards if you turn in a high quality that’s higher quality than asked.
  • Chart-topper Knowledge – All commissions rewards increase by 5% while ranked in the top 3 at the Commerce Guild.
  • Quick Delivery Knowledge – Reward gained when completing a commission the same day it’s issued increased by 5%.

Later on in the game, you will also start to sell resources that will give you money. You should never sell raw resources. There are three resources that you can create very easily at your workstation, and sell for a lot higher price than the raw resources. Those materials are Stone Troughs, Grinding Saws, and Thin Thread.

The last thing that you should not miss is the Market Price Multiplier. Every day the marketplace will be changed, and you have to go to the vendor and check out what is he selling.

 If your item is 10% and the market price multiplier is 70%, you can get it for 7 gold instead of 10, but if it’s 130% then you will get 13 gold instead of 10 which is a bit beneficial for you.

Once the vendor reaches the daily limit for the gold they sell, you will have to wait for the next day for a new vendor to open.

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