How to Repair your Broom: Little Witch in the Woods

Your Broom has broken down? Time to repair it!

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Little Witch in the Woods is a retro open-world adventure game where you play as a witch and explore different lands. These lands have a ton of objectives and will require you to do a specific set of missions and objectives. Every witch has her own broom which she can fly around. But brooms tend to break down sometimes.

This guide will show you how to repair your Broom in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to Repair your Broom: Little Witch in the Woods

As you fly around with your brook, after some time the little witch will stop using it and will notify you that it’s durability is dropped.

To repair your workbench you will need branches or mud. You will also need to be by your workbench in order to begin repairing it.

To obtain branches, you want to look out for trees that have branches sticking out of them. Get to that tree, shake it with your hand and knock down all the branches. Branches can be also found by running around the area and spotting some on the ground.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, go to your workbench which is located in the basement of the witch’s house. Interact with the workbench and begin adding branches to repair it!

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