Let’s find out how to Setup/ Backup Data to Experimental Version in Core Keeper!

There is a new update for Core Keeper, but it is on a different branch of the game. It is an experimental branch within Core Keeper. There is an option to switch to another experimental branch, then how you can transfer your worlds and your characters saves over on to the new branch without losing any of your items.

In this guide, we will show you How to Setup/Backup data to Experimental Version in Core Keeper!

How to Setup/Backup Data to Experimental Version: Core Keeper

The first thing that you have to do is to go to your Steam Library, then from your favorites, right-click on Core Keeper and then click properties.

Once you are there, click on Betas, and then on the new window, click on the arrow to open the menu where you have to select “experimental – Testing a new network backend”.

After this action, you can see next to the Core Keeper in your favorites will say “experimental”, which means you are now on at the experimental version of the game.

If you try to load in, you’re not going to have access to anything, when it comes to characters and worlds and stuff.

All that you need next is to go to your “Search bar”, then go to “This PC”. You’re going to have your different devices and hard drives.

Go to “C” where your windows is installed, and then open “Users”.

Then open your user folder. Now, what you’re looking for is “app data”. You may not have it, but you could easily type it in the search bar. The new window LocalLow will open that will bring you to your games.

Click on Pugstorm, then open Core Keeper folder.

On this window, you’re going to see the file “experimental”, if you have already switched to experimental and Steam folder. Click on Steam.

On the next window, there will be a folder with numbers, where are located all the data you have been playing. It is the original one, not the experimental, where are all your backups, saves, world info and everything.

Next what you have to do is to copy this folder, and paste it onto your desktop just to keep it safe.

Now, go back to Core Keeper folder, and open “experimental”, and then open “Steam” again.

Now, this is where you have to paste the folder that you copy earlier on your desktop. But before you do it, you will have the same folder with the same number there already.

On the second folder, you just have to rename and type “.old” at the end.

With this, whenever the game load up, it will know that it is an old file and it’s going to go straight to the one that you’re pasting

Once you have all this, make sure not to delete the numbers of the folders that are already there.

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