Here is how you unlock the Warfarer.

The Warfarer is arguably the most unique Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, being able to use all weapons and skills from all other vocations – but not only that, the Warfarer vocation also allows you to level all other Vocations while using it – albeit at a reduced rate.

So, how do you unlock this impressive Vocation? Read on this guide to find out.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Unlock The Warfarer Vocation

Where to Unlock Warfarer

The Warfarer is unlocked in a far-off region in Battahl. Not only do you need to first reach Battahl, which is a ways off from the start of the game.

You have to reach the Geyser Hamlet which will require you to go through quite a bit of the Battahl region and might force you to fight some strong enemies in order to get there.

For reference, here’s the map of the game with the Arisen’s starting point and the place you need to go to in order to unlock the Warfarer.

And no – you cannot use a ship or fly over the sea from Vernworth to Geyser Hamlet.

The Sea is infested with “The Brine” which takes anything that goes into deep waters, and no means of aerial transportation exist unless you grab onto a Griffon and use it as a taxi to get to Geyser Hamlet (Note: This is meant as a joke).

So, how do we get there?

Checkpoint Rest Town

The first hurdle we need to pass is getting to Battahl. There’s a “border” to overcome and you would usually need a Pass that you get through the main quest in order to pass it… but there are other ways.

Option 1

Probably the easiest option to get through the Checkpoint is to climb onto a Cart that’s passing through from Checkpoint Rest Town and heading to Battahl.

This cart will usually look “regal” as if it is transferring an important person (Spoiler: It is), and you can climb on top of it and just pass through with it – no one will question you.

Option 2

Go through a hidden area to reach the cliffs on the northern end of Battahl.

If you take the main road from the Checkpoint Gate and head back to Checkpoint Rest town, then look to the left – you’ll notice that there’s a small creek running from a cavern.

The cavern is infested with Rock Saurians, which are no joke – but after that cave lie even worse enemies – and your path to illegally enter Battahl.

This option is more perilous, but can earn you quite a lot of experience and discipline if you manage to overcome it.

Option 3

And finally, my favorite option. Unless it gets fixed soon, you can head over to the Guard in front of the Checkpoint Gate, ask him to pass – but you don’t have the right documents, so he gets angry and starts beating you. If that doesn’t happen, you can just hit him until he hits back.

Don’t worry, his job is to take you in – not kill you. Once you fall to 1 HP, he will arrest you and send you to the Gaol in BakBattahl, the Capital city of Battahl. There, you can bribe the guards with 10K and you’re a free man.

This is the fastest, safest way to get to the Capital of Battahl, from which you can go to the Geyser Hamlet.

Reaching The Hamlet from Battahl

Now, if you don’t want to do the main quest and get to the Hamlet in “the right order”, there’s a slightly more dangerous option you could take.

Once At the Hamlet

When you finally arrive, you’ll need to find an NPC called Lamond who will give you a quest to find him Newt Liqueur. You’ll need three of these, that when you turn in – you unlock the class!

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