This guide will help you to find all 5 Ironclads Locations in Souldiers!

One of the side quests you need to be finished in Souldiers is to save the Ironclads who are in trouble. They are located in 5 different places in the pyramid and can be hidden very well. To save your time and go in the right direction, you need to follow the instructions given in this guide.

Souldiers: Ironclads In Trouble Side Quest Guide (All 5 Ironclad Locations)

All 5 of them are inside the Great pyramid and to relieve them you will need the small keys which are in front or around the pyramid.

Also to successfully finish this side quest you will need some orbs to access certain areas. You will find all the orbs so you can finish the main quest.

Let’s save the Ironclads!

Ironclads #1

To get relieved the first one goes to the marked place in the following picture:

Go up the stairs and use the key to open the first door on your left and let the Ironclad #1

Ironclad #2

The second one is at the same location:

You will only need to go one floor up and this time your Ironclad will be on your right.

Ironclad #3

To relieve the 3rd go here to the center:

Once you’re there past the elevator and go on the first stoned platform on your left.

Ironclad #4 & #5

The last two are located in one place.

Just go up the stairs and free both of them. They will be on the top of the platforms.

After that visit Hofin City to get your side quest reward!

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