Item Farming Glitch: Dying Light 2

Check out this working item farm glitch in Dying Light 2!

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Dying Light 2 is constantly getting updated, and with the recent update, players have discovered a working item farming glitch that is simple and can be used on anything. Get in-game if you want to obtain extra items before it gets fixed!

This guide will show you the latest item farming glitch for Dying Light 2!

Item Farming Glitch: Dying Light 2

This glitch will require you to position yourself to a specific area and monsters will constantly come to you but you will not get hit.

Go to the “Trinity” area in this specific location at the giant object.

Go around the church and you will find a broken-down bus. Next to the boss there will be a howler that can begin a chase.

Go to this exact location and let the chase begin, the chase will spawn a ton of monsters coming your way but they won’t be able to hit you.

Make sure to not get the chase up to level 4. A level 4 chase will spawn poison spitting monsters that will damage you.

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