Let’s win the Just A Flesh Wound Trophy in the Quarry!

To win this trophy you will need to go through two steps in different chapters. This guide will show you how to achieve all of the wanted tasks in different chapters without making mistakes. Get this trophy in the fastest way and save your time doing the other things in the game.

The Quarry: Just A Flesh Wound Trophy Guide

Step 1

It all starts from the beginning. In chapter one, you will first need to choose the ,,break in’’ option, so you can enter the cabin door.

Step 2

The second thing to do so you can win this trophy in chapter 5. Choose the ,, desperate’’ option and use some of the weapons to finish the work. (Chainsaw or Shotgun option)

You will need to get rid of his hand, so I suggest going for the Chainsaw.

Once you did that you will get the trophy!

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