Check out Everything You Need To Know About Metal in Keep Up Survival!

There is a new adventurous open-world survival game that you can play multiplayer with your friends. Your main target is to survive on an abandoned island with fantastic wildlife, creatures, walls, and some old military facilities. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and alertness are the major priorities that you will handle during the entire gameplay. You have to gather resources to ensure your survival, and build camps and houses, while using plenty of tools and weapons only for one reason, to survive.

In this guide, we will show you Everything You Need To Know About Metal in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival: Everything You Need To Know About Metal

Metal is a major component in this game that you can’t survive without. You need it to make almost everything, weapons, bullets, your tools, benches, etc.

In the early game, metal won’t be so necessary material to find. There are few options on how to find metal. You can collect all the Rubbish that you find around, and then 40 Rubbish can be used to craft one Ingot.

While you are exploring the map and looting all the places that you will reach, some of the collectibles will be the OilLamp Square which is working as your light at night. Also, one OilLamp is equivalent to one Ingot.

If you start to collect them early in the game, and if you choose to start to melt some of them, you will finish with a lot of them.

There is also another option in the game to collect metal. There is a metal deposit mine where you can get a few metals.

The first mine is close to your landing point, there is nothing that can attack you there. You just need to hit it with your pickaxe to collect the metal.

These mines are the easiest way for you to start to collect some metal in the early game and start to make those benches and start getting your better tools.

There are 2 more bigger mines that are located in the image below.

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