Keep Up Survival: Gardening Tips & Tricks

Check out the Gardening Tips & Tricks in Keep Up Survival!

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Keep up Survival is an adventurous open-world survival game in multiplayer mode. The major task is to survive on a deserted island full of fantastic wildlife, creatures, and houses. A building, crafting, taming, cooking and the farming system will allow you to create something great. Gardening is one of the majorities that will keep you alive during your survival in the game.

In this guide, we will show you Gardening Tips & Tricks in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival: Gardening Tips & Tricks

For your garden, you have to plant your plots, or it’s called Ground in the game.

Once you lay some Grounds down, you can grow whatever type of fruit or vegetable you have on you.

Once you place down some ground, go closer and press “E” to interact.

From your inventory, you have to select a plant, it will give you to choose only from those plants that you have in your inventory.

Once you plant your fruit or vegetable, you will have to water it. Just click on the watering icon, and you will notice how the water bar increase. When it is fully watered, the growth will start to increase slowly.

When your plant is done growing, the hand for picking up will become clickable, which means you can pick up your plant. Then your Ground will be empty and ready for the next planting.

Keep in mind that each plant has a different growing time.

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