Keep Up Survival: How to Tame Leopards

Let’s find out How to Tame Leopards in Keep Up Survival!

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There is a new adventurous open-world survival game that you can play multiplayer with your friends. Your main target is to survive on an abandoned island with fantastic wildlife, creatures, walls, and some old military facilities. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and alertness are the major priorities that you will handle during the entire gameplay. You have to gather resources to ensure your survival, and build camps and houses, while using plenty of tools and weapons only for one reason, to survive.

In this guide, we will show you How to Tame Leopards in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival: How to Tame Leopards

If you were wondering where the Tame Leopard is located, it is in the Ruins. He is just standing, without attacking you. Also, he looks different than the ones that attack you.

Once you press “E” to tame him, he will become your leopard and will start to follow you. You can send him to attack things in the same way as dogs do.

With your cursor, you can point at some animal, and press alt+4 to mark that animal, then your leopard will start to chase it.

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