Want to make your base stronger on Keep Up Survival? Let me show you how.

Keep Up Survival allows you to build giant creative builds. These buildings will help you survive and will be great shelter when storms come or monsters attack. Wanting to make a great build will sometimes require a lot of resources, but no worries, if you stop half way on a build, you can upgrade it at any time given.

This guide will show you how to upgrade your base in Keep Up Survival.

Keep Up Survival: How To Upgrade Your Base

Go to your determined area where you want to build and upgrade your base and grab yourself a hammer.

Once you’ve obtained a hammer, go to the area where you’ve begun building and start your creative builds.

You should stand right in front of the wooden platform, and with the hammer in your hand, you need to press and hold Q so the upgrade option appears.

You can upgrade your build to the next level and in the middle of the utility build, you will see how much resources that upgrade will cost.

If you are missing wood logs, simply walk up to a tree and begin chopping it down, that goes the same way with other resources.

Now you can continue to build your base with the collected resources to make the look better and stronger.

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