Keep Up Survival: Safe Zones Guide

Check out the Safe Zones in Keep Up Survival!

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There is a new adventurous open-world survival game that you can play multiplayer with your friends. Your main target is to survive on an abandoned island with fantastic wildlife, creatures, walls, and some old military facilities. Hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and alertness are the major priorities that you will handle during the entire gameplay. You have to gather resources to ensure your survival, and build camps and houses, while using plenty of tools and weapons only for one reason, to survive.

In this guide, we will show you the Safe Zones in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival: Safe Zones Guide

The thing that we are going to talk about is the safe zones, that you may actually see on your map.

They are highlighted with a little campfire.

One of the safe zones is located right by the boat landing.

Every area has its own safe zone. What they can be used for is a place for you to respawn at.

Even if you are somewhere far on the map, you can respawn at your safe zone without traveling all the way there only to find your bag and collect your stuff.

You can respawn by holding “E” on your keyboard, and the same way would be with the tents, where ever you set them near the camp, you can use them as a respawn point.

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