Stuck in the alchemy enigma? Here’s how to solve the Alchemy Pillars Puzzle in Kredolis!

Kredolis has now began gaining popularity as a first-person puzzle adventure game since its launch in Steam. With the game’s very interesting storyline, a lot of people have been eager in finding solutions to certain puzzles which got them stuck along the game.

In this guide, we will show you how to solve the Alchemy Pillars puzzle in Kredolis!

Alchemy Pillars Puzzle Guide – Kredolis

After solving the ring puzzle in the gazeebo and inserting the battery in the underground cave, you will find another puzzle in the nearby gazeebo with its pillars marked with alchemy symbols.

Upon closer inspection, you will find a scroll which will contain clues in solving the puzzle.

In one of the notes, the narrator said that one of the overseers had stationed one of the scientists to solve the enigma every time it changes. We assume that the scroll contains the transcript from the scientist that solved the order of alchemy.

To solve the puzzle, the symbols in the pillars must be in the following sequence: from left to right – fire, water, air, earth, as the scroll directed.

To do this, go towards the pillar in an orientation that the ocean is behind it.

And select the appropriate symbol as given above.

Solving this puzzle will then grant you the key to the next challenge.

So that’s how you solve the alchemy pillars puzzle in Kredolis!

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