Are you asking yourself the same question a lot of people are asking? Is it easy to play Kredolis on Steam Deck? Stick around and you might find out.

Kredolis is a first-person, adventure game, where you explore around worlds and you finish puzzles. A great puzzle game that is freshly released for the community. Some players are still wondering if Kredolis will be available for Steam Deck.

This guide will show you if Kredolis is being supported by Steam Deck!

Steam Deck Support – Kredolis

Can Kredolis be played on Steam Deck?

The Developer of the game wrote a reply to someone, that he is really Sorry that the Game is not Optimized for Steam Deck. But don’t lose all your hope now, because he also said that he is working on it Optimizing the game for Steam Deck.

The developers also said that when the Steam Deck Version is going to be out, a controller version will be out as well.

We really hope that this Guide helped you.

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