Got stuck on the thumper puzzle in Kredolis? Check out this guide to move forward!

In Kredolis, you will find yourself shipwrecked on an island that was once part of Atlantis. Here, you  will find and uncover the different mysteries that abound the island, and solve unique puzzles to enter the sunken lighthouse into the depths of the lost world of Atlantis.

In this guide, we will show you how to solve the thumper puzzle in Kredolis.

Thumper Puzzle Guide – Kredolis

In the thumper puzzle, the note said that an ancient contraption was discovered while a submarine was doing a survey around the ocean floor. At a closer look, it became apparent to the explorers that the contraption was built by the Ascended Masters.

It was believed that that machine caused the sinking of the Atlantis which used two large underground thumpers that generated a seismic wave that traveled across the world and caused gigantic tidal waves.

After this was the part where the note said that the machine operated on a 10,000-year cycle but they managed to stop it by putting a suppressor.

However, it can still be manually triggered by inputting the year it was supposed to be activated.

In order to solve the puzzle, you must consider the year the contraption was discovered, which was 1975.

Take note that in this year, the machine was almost about to be activated. So, the time that it got activated prior was 10,000 years ago, since it operated on 10,000-year cycle.

Therefore, the solution to the puzzle is: 1975 – 10,000 = –8025

The first pylon on the right would represent the zero. So that the rest would be VIII, II, and V.

And there you have it! The key to the thumper puzzle in Kredolis!

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