Kredolis: Waking the Lion Puzzle Guide

Check out this guide if you’re stuck in the Waking the Lion puzzle in Kredolis!

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Kredolis is a first-person puzzle adventure game that has just been released in full version in Steam. So far, the game has been pretty interesting with its mind-boggling puzzles that you need to complete to uncover the mysteries of Kredolis and the lost city of Atlantis. A lot of players have been getting stuck at this one particular puzzle that is actually very simple but can also be easily missed.

Here’s how you can complete the Waking the Lion puzzle in Kredolis!

Waking the Lion Puzzle Guide – Kredolis

In the note Controlled Heuristics, the narrator mentioned that she was assigned to figure out how to open the pedestal in the library. As you go into the entrance you will find stone slabs on the floor which is actually a puzzle. When you interact with the them, you will notice that they change colors as you step on them. The key here is to match the pattern of the stone slabs on the floor, to the pattern of the stone slabs on the wall and ceiling. When you complete the puzzle, this will trigger a light on the floor.

 When the lights show, you ought to go down the stairs towards a pond. Here, you will find a statue of a lion’s head. As you move closer, you will find a note that says Waking the Lion.

When you click the note, you will see that the lion’s eyes will light up and you will find that the lion’s head is actually a puzzle itself.

To solve the puzzle, you will have to match the color of the eyes to the two circles above the note. Left eye – red, and right eye – blue.

Completing this puzzle will grant you a key to the platform that is submerged in the pond.

And that’s how you solve the Waking the Lion puzzle in Kredolis!