Get those free Bees!

It’s hardly surprising that an “Always-Online” ARPG has microtransactions nowadays. Even though Last Epoch has a fully functional offline mode as well. There are a few pets and other cosmetics you can buy.

But at least Last Epoch is cheap to buy, has a lot of content and the only microtransactions are cosmetic. The “Bees” pet is one such cosmetic and it’s free as well!

How To Get Swap Referral Codes With Players And Get Bees In Last Epoch

How to Get The Bees Pet

Luckily, this one is going to be relatively easy, and it’s thanks to all the players coming together and supporting one another, and it was started by a single user on the Last Epoch forums.

Step 1

Go to Last Epoch forums.

Step 2

Login into Last Epoch forums with your Steam account by linking them together

Step 3

Reply to the post with your referral code which is your username, but if you’re unsure go to H > Refer a Friend and you’ll find your code there.

Step 4

Enjoy the bees once you get referred to by three other people and be sure to return the favor as well!

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