Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial – Game Crashing FIX

Having a constant problem with the game crashing? Then here is the Fix for Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial Game Crashing!

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Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial is just released and already started to disappoint some of the players with a crashing problem which is pretty annoying when you want to play your new favorite game. In order to fix this issue, just keep reading the article below.

This guide will show you how to FIX Legendary Hoplite Ajax’s Trial Game Crashing!

Game Crashing FIX

Many players have experienced the same game crashing which is very frustrating for such a new game that gets a lot of attention to play. Anyway, if you are one of those players, then here is the simple solution that developers shared according to fix this issue.

All you need to do is to find the specific folder in your game directory location:


This whole folder has to be sent to the official Discord server:  In this group make sure to contact Mortheim in Royal’s Guard who is one of the developers to help you fix the crashing issue.

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