It will take some time until you get Caroot Oil!

So, you’re starting your alien space farm and space exploration journey and are wondering how to get some caroot oil or how to grow caroots? Don’t worry because caroots can be grown and later be used to create caroot oil in selected parts of the map and you will be surprised how quick and easy it is to get caroots.

Don’t get frustrated because today I’ll be showing you how you can easily get caroot oil from caroots in Lightyear Frontier.

How To Get Caroot Oil Easy In Lightyear Frontier

Restoring Your Area

First you will have to go south of the Meadows around an area called the Edge Cliffs.

You will then clear all the weeds in the area with your vacuum and what this will do is restore the area.

Do not forget to make necessary upgrades to your equipment.

For restoration to fully take place, you have to skip to the next day either by going to base and sleeping, or waiting for the day-night cycle to play out.

Reap your rewards!

Once the restoration is complete, the caroot will start spawning and you can pick it up and plant the seeds which will in turn grow into caroots and easily make oil from the caroots.


I hope you enjoyed this simple guide on how you can get caroots that can later make caroot oil. Enjoy your space farming!

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