Here is how you can get Aluminum Electronics.

Aluminum Electronics are essential items in  Lightyear Frontier. Not only can you use it to construct items like the Request Board, but you can also use it to upgrade important tools like the Spike Saw Power. Aluminum Electronics are not items you can pick on the floor though. You have to build them.

This Lightyear Frontier beginner guide details everything you need to know on where and how to get Aluminum Electronics in the game.

Where And How To Get Aluminum Electronics In Lightyear Frontier

To build Aluminum Electronics in the game, you must collect the right starting materials, and then access the Assembler crafting interface.

Restore Edge Cliffs

If you have previously done this, you can simply skip to the next step below.

However, if the Edge Cliff region of your map is still covered by a dark violet color, as shown above, carry out the instructions below:

  • Firstly, travel to the edge of the Edge Cliffs region and make sure you are positioned in an area where you can seamlessly access the area. Next, Proceed into the area, as shown below, and clear out plant fiber and other weeds you find.

Once you complete the restoration, you will get a popup animation telling you the mission is complete.

Mine Copper Ore

In the region highlighted above, look for orange crystals and interact with them. The crystals are copper deposits that you can mine to get copper ore.

Craft Copper Wire

Once you collect enough copper ore, return to your base and interact with the Assembler to access the crafting window. Select the last option, Copper Wire, and craft as many as you want.

NOTE: You need 2x copper ore to craft a copper wire. For Aluminum Electronics, you only need:

  • 1x Copper Wire
  • 2x Aluminum Rods

In case you need some Aluminum Rods, you can navigate to the area where you first found your mech in the meadows region. There are a ton of aluminum deposits there.

Craft Aluminum Electronics

Next, select Aluminum Electronics from the recipe menu on the Assembler’s crafting window. Craft as many as you want, and you are good to go.

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