The Copper Wires are easy to obtain!

Where do you find Copper wire in Lightyear Frontier? How to get Copper Wire in Lightyear Frontier? If either of these questions led you to this guide, I’ve got you.

Copper wire is an integral resource in Lightyear Frontier. You can use it to craft several items, including Aluminum Electronics. Without further ado, here’s a guide on how to get copper wire in the game.

Where And How To Get Copper Wires In Lightyear Frontier

To get copper wire, you need to explore the Edge Cliffs region of your map. You need to restore the area if it’s still covered by a violet cloud, as shown below:

Restore Edge Cliffs

Restoring Edge Cliffs is simple. Simply remove all plant fiber and Noxious Weeds in the area. Once you do, your map should now look clear.

Mine Copper Ore and Craft Copper Wire

Navigate to the area indicated above and start looking for copper deposits. These deposits appear as orange crystals, and there are several of them scattered around.

After mining enough ore, navigate to your Homestead and access the crafting window of the Assembler. Copper Wire is one of the recipe options in the crafting window, and you can start crafting without any issues.

There you have it, everything you need to get copper wire in Lightyear Frontier. Do note that you need:

  • 2x Copper Ore to craft 1x Copper Wire

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