Looking for the Red Crystal? - I got you!

There are some resource items in Lightyear Frontier that are very necessary to progress through the game. One of them is Red Crystal which can be used for crafting armor and tools, as well as improving your base with certain types of work buildings.

In this guide, we are going to show you where and how to get the Red Crystals. Let’s get started and point you in the right direction.

Where & How To Get Red Crystal in Lightyear Frontier

Map Location

You need to come to the areas of Pine Heights. It is going to be located in the center of the map in the far left corner just behind the massive hills.

Clear Pine Heights

To be able to get the Red Crystal ore deposits to spawn, you are going to need to clear out the entire area first. To do so, make sure that you finish off these enemies:

  • Clear all Noxious Slimes

After they are all done, you need to come in the next day and the deposits will spawn.

Mine The Red Crystal Ores

You can find the Red Crystal Ores anywhere in these regions. Simply walk around and look for them near the mountain walls. Mine them with your basic starting tool.

Using Red Crystal Ores

You do not need to go to the Assemlber or Processor to make the Red Crystal functional. Once you got them from the ore you can immediately use them for crafting.

We hope that this guide has helped you out in finding the Red Crystals in Lightyear Frontier. Have fun looking for them yourself and be careful of the slimes!

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