Power up your robot with coal!

In Lightyear Frontier you are going to be controlling a robot and build a very big base. In order to power up your mechanical devices you will need resources. One of the best resources to do that is Coal. While fairly cheap and coming in great numbers, finding it can be a bit troublesome.

In this guide, we are going to show you where and how to get Coal in Lightyear Frontier. Let’s get started and do some mining!

Where & How To Get Coal in Lightyear Frontier

Map Location

You need to be in the area of Pine Heights. Make sure that you are just to the right of the written text on the map.

Once here, enter the walled-off area with mountains and you are going to come across them.

Spawning Coal Ore

When you get here you will see deposits of Coal. These can be empty of runes, depending on what you’ve done before. These are the tasks you need to do in order to spawn the coal ore.

  • Clear out all the Slimes
  • Feed the Animal Nests

Harvesting Coal Ore

The Coal Deposit or ore is going to be fairly dark making it easily seen in the day. You need to use your basic mining tool and it will go down in a couple of hits.

Getting More Coal

If you need more coal and are limited in its spawn, always make sure to feed the animal nests and wait for the other day to time.

We hope that this guide has helped you out in finding the Coal Deposits in Lightyear Frontier. Don’t forget about feeding the animal nests every time you want to mine some more!

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