Little Nightmares: Elusive Trophy Guide

Let’s find the Elusive Trophy in Little Nightmares!

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There are a lot of trophies that can be earned in Little Nightmares, some of them are easy but there are ones that are a bit challenging if you don’t know where to look and what to do. One of the trophies that we are going to talk about is the Elusive Trophy which is best to get in Chapter 4.

This guide will show you everything about Elusive Trophy in Little Nightmares!

Elusive Trophy Guide – Little Nightmares

For this trophy, you will have to slip away at the very last second before something is catching you, and have to do this 5 times. It can be done with any enemy you want.

For example, you can do it in the kitchen, when you try to get some ingredients and run out of there. There will be the butcher who will start chasing you.

Here you can use the opportunity to hide under the table. Continue to the next room on the right side, and at the moment when the butcher is going to catch you, just sneak under the table to escape from him.

Just mess around with him for a 5 times and you will unlock the Elusive Trophy.

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