Little Nightmares: Highly Sprung Trophy Guide (Chapter 1)

Find out how to earn the Highly Sprung Trophy in Little Nightmares from chapter 1!

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Getting this trophy is easy, but not all of us know where to look and what we need to do to get it. During the game, you’ll be able to earn many trophies, one of them is the Highly Sprung Trophy as well which will be available to get in the first chapter of the game. In the text below you can see what you need to do and get this trophy!

Little Nightmares: Highly Sprung Trophy Guide (Chapter 1)

Starting from chapter one you’ll need to go to the room located on the right side.  Enter the room that has a bed next to the window.

Hop on the bed and jump few times! Once you do that the Highly Sprung Trophy will be given to you.

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