One more trophy to get in Little Nightmares. This guide will show you how to get the Six’s Song Trophy Guide from chapter 2 in Little Nightmares.

There’s more trophy above you in the upcoming chapters from this game. That’s the case with the Six’s Song trophy which will be on your list to get. You won’t need to do much to earn this trophy but most players will miss it because it’s on another floor and you need to climb to a certain position to get it. Follow the given instructions in the text below and see how you can get this trophy.

Six’s Song Trophy  Guide (Chapter 2) – Little Nightmares

Once you enter Chapter 2 and find yourself into the library climb on the platform shown in the following picture.

From the platform jump on the piano, jump a few times on it and run around the keys. Once you do that the Six’s Song trophy will be yours.

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