Little Witch in The Woods: Enhance Intellect Potion Guide

Let’s learn how to enhance intellect potion!

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Witch in the Woods is a game where you can also enhance your intellect. This guide will show you how to make the Enhance Intellect Potion, including how to find the bird flower, and pumpkin terrier fur, and will help you fix the roaster. Follow the given instructions!

Little Witch in The Woods: Enhance Intellect Potion Guide

So you need to do a couple of extra quests beforehand to get the Enhanced Intellect Potion. It’s part of the “Find the prickly vine core” quest and concocts the moon’s blah blah potion quest.

The first you need to do is grab the unreadable memo that you have collected earlier in the game and transport it to Diane to read it, but she has forgotten the witch language.

For that, she will offer you the enhanced intellect potion recipe and will sell it to you for 10 Luna coins.

If you don’t have enough coins you will have to do some deliveries for her.

Roaster Handle

You will also need to get the Roaster handle to make the powder, and you can do deliveries for her if you don’t have enough.

Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur & Bird Flower Water

You can put the bird flower water out in the wild and get the initial bulk of them from Diane. For that, she will ask you to test the nutrition poison you got on the day that she gave the broom.

She will tell you to throw the Nutrition Potion towards the yellow flowers to make them grow.

To get the Pumpkin Terrier Fur, you will need to complete several things. First, you will have to use your quill to log the pumpkin terrier. Also, read the book with the vines that are around.

Next, you need to whip up a bottle of weed terminated potion and pour it into the pumpkin terror, so it can lose vines and drop 4 tufts of fur. Pick up the fur and give some love to the terrier.

Make the Potion

After you have done that you can go back to the house and start making the potion. You need to put 4 bird flowers into the extractor to make the bird’s flowers water.

Next, after you fix your roaster, put the P.terrier into it, to get the fry pumpkin terrier Fur.

Then take both and add them to the cauldron, set the fire to stage three, and wait until is done.

Now you can drink it!

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