Experiencing the Black Screen Bug in Little Witch Nobeta? Find out ways to solve it here.

Little Witch Nobeta is a 3D action shooting adventure game where player play as Nobeta, the little witch. Here, you et to explore ancient and unknown castles and use magic elements to fight against the soul. Despite is cute and classic Japanese anmation appearance, this game is actually packed with challenging battles and will definitely test your skills in battle.

It is just a bummer that some users have been experiencing a black screen error while playing the game. This article will show you ways to resolve the black screen bug in Little Witch Nobeta.

Black Screen Bug Fix – Little Witch Nobeta

It seems that the black screen bug is not an isolated case so here we summarized some ways to help you resolve the issue.

  • Clear any cached graphic assets in both Windows and Steam (cached shaders, for istance)
  • Run disk check on hard drive (if you have installed files or saved files of the game on a hard drive) – this method is for when some of the game files are corrupted and reinstalling/verifying within steam will ot work
  • Look into SSD repair apps – you have to take precaution on this though. Check disk might also work but, ONLY try to fix issues like this. Check disk might ruin the SSD if used incorrectly.
  • Replace hardware – this is the worst-case scenario. You may be able to play other game but Little Witch Nobeta will nover work again unless the hardware is replaced.

You can try any of these ways to see if your problem is resolved. Hope this helps!

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