Little Witch Nobeta: Let There be Light Achievement Guide

Check out this guide to find out how to complete the Let There be Light achievement in Little Witch Nobeta.

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The little wonder, Nobeta, went to the castle by herself to figure out the mystery of her own life. She was always up against powerful crafted souls, so she learned a lot about magic and made friends with a mysterious little black cat.

In this guide we will be talking about the Let There be Light Achievement and how you can actually achieve it. Let’s get started.

Let There be Light Achievement Guide – Little Witch Nobeta

Let There be Light is one of the many achievements that you can complete in the cool little game called Little Witch Nobeta. It is not that hard to complete all that you will need to know is actually finding the locations of the lootable places. Once you know them, you will collect them all.

Here are the locations where you can find them one by one as you progress through the level. All that you will need to look for is the lanterns. They are light so you are able to find them easily from afar.

First Location

You will need to be right beside the starting tunnel with the light lantern next by it.

Second Location

Under the stairs that will lead you up to the higher floor in this mining cave.

Third Location

This is on top of the stairs and before the stairs that will take you even further up.

Fourth Location

Up the stairs next to the barrel on the right. Follow the stains on the wall and you’ll find them.

Fifth Location

While going up you will see big rocks on the right. Next to it you will see the light lantern on top of a barrel.

Sixth Location

This is when you get inside the big opening that the cave has in the middle of it. Look for the big pillar in the center of the cave.

Seventh Location

While going up the stairs you’ll see a tunnel. Follow it and on the right side is where you will find the lantern.

Eighth Location

This is not the same as the seventh location. You will be going down for this one. You can spot a barrel and then on top of the barrel is where the lantern will be.

That’s everything you need to know about the lanterns and the Let There be Light Achievement in Little Witch Nobeta! We hope that this guide was useful and helped you out a bit to complete it. Good luck!