You managed to see how the floors work and want to see how the elevator works as well in Lonesome Village. Check out this guide!

Lonesome Village will have you run around a very big and thick forest. But from time to time you will go inside the big tower with many floors. Here, you can use the elevators to navigate through the floors.

In this guide, we will be explaining to you how the Elevator works and how you are able to use it better. Let’s get started.

Elevator Guide – Lonesome Village

If you want to be going through the floors of Lonesome Village in the big tower you will need to be suing the Elevator. They are a certain types of rooms that you can find in the tower. Usually, they are in the middle or sometimes in the very corners of the floors.

Once you get inside an elevator you can find this sort of thing in the corner of it. This is the mechanism that will actually allow you to interact with it and go through the many different floors.

So just walk up to it and hit the Interact button. Then the elevator menu and window will open up. In this menu, you will get an option to select either up or down and navigate to the floors.

Just scroll through the different types of floors nad hit the Green button.

Once you accept and start the actual moving of the floors you will get a little short animation of shaking the screen. After juts a couple of seconds you will get to the desired floor.

That’s everything that you need to know about how Elevators work in Lonesome Village. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to use them. Have fun and hopefully they won’t get stuck!

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