Read this guide and learn how to build Paladin Melee Caster in Lords of The Fallen!

Lords of the Fallen is a game that offer you to build your character in different ways, with different pros and cons. Some of the builds are more offensive, than on the other hand you`re free to build a more defensive character. In this guide, you`re able to learn how you can build Paladin Melee Caster, the stats you get and which objects do you need to collect. Read the text bellow and see if this is your type of character.

Best Paladin Melee Caster Build Guide – Lords of the Fallen

Paladin Melee Caster Build is more strength and dealing-damage oriented. So we`re going for strength and ability to deal with damage from enemies.

Once you maintain to reach this build, you`ll be able to make about 1000 damage with basic attacks. It all depends which healing type you`ve selected.


You need to reach 110 and character with the following preference (end line):

  • Strength – 12
  • Agility – 8
  • Endurance – 20
  • Vitality – 40
  • Radiance – 75
  • Inferno – 8

All of the lines-preference, has their minimum limit. For example Radiance can work properly wit 40-50, so you may turn the extra number in order to get this stats.

In the mid game you`ll reach radiance to 40, vitality to 30 and all of the other lines will reach a more positive number.

Equipment & Weapon

 You`ll need to get one super-light armor like the Sovereign Protector Armor, that will keep up your 20 endurance above.

On the order hand If having Judge Clerie`s Armor, you`re strength will be up to your personal preference.

As weapon we`re using Pieta`s Sword +5, that will have about 400 attacking power and scaling points.

To use the maximum of Paladin Melee Caster Build, you need to finish Gerlinde Quest, and get Orimon spell that will reduce The Inferno Attribute Scaling. All of these lines will give you around 150 damage deal in return.

And because all of the items can stock, you`ll have 3 slots on each.

Next you need to go for the Empyrean Pendant, another item that will increase your damage. It can be found as an item sold by a mysterious character that appears in mid game once you take care of the main bosses.

Same procedure is for getting the Orian Sorcerer`s Ring. Defeat the main character bosses and you`ll be able to buy it from the same fellow. This item will gain your holy damage.

Then you may count on the Mineowner`s Ring, that`s available in the early game as well and will support the Paladin Melee Caster build by increasing your stamina and stamina regeneration.

When choosing from the spells, there`s no spell more suitable than the Radiant Weapon. You can get this or any other spell by talking with the same guy from who you bought the previous weapons.

You can get as well: Healing radiance– to heal your character, then the large Manastone Cluster-better hits, the Piercing Light– used as a range spell. 

And the very last thing is to choose the shield. Plain Shield, is a typically recommended one when it comes to this type of build. That`s because of the ability to increase your poise.

Hope this guide helped you to build the Paladin Melee Caster, stay tuned to learn more tips about forming the other types of character`s build and enjoy playing Lords of The Fallen.

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