Check out this guide and learn how to build God Tier Inferno character in Lords of The Fallen!

When it comes to making damage Inferno and Holy may be the strongest one to achieve. In this guide, you`re able to learn how to build God Tier Inferno character, what`s that stats and the type of equipment you need to use to achieve maximal Inferno damage. If you don`t know which weapons and spells will help you do that you`re at the right place!

God Tier Inferno Build Guide – Lords Of The Fallen

As we all know Inferno damage can transform everything into dust and crush it into unrecoverable piece.

However before you decide to build the God Tier Inferno Build, be sure to have assed all of the hard battles and gained different types of equipment (especially the ones with higher inferno damage).


You may start planning on building Inferno once you reach level 110, and be sure to get ready and walk with equipment that weights around 41 pounds. That`s how much does Inferno Equip weight.


  • Strength – 12
  • Agility – 8
  • Endurance – 20
  • Vitality – 40
  • Radiance – 8
  • Inferno – 75

Only you, your weapon and your Catalyst!

Equipment & Weapons

First things first! As one of the most inferno oriented weapons you need to get is the Fallen Lord`s Sword +10.

This weapon will give you power of 783 I total, which means you`re able to burn the enemies to the ground if you choose the proper time to hit them.

However, be sure not to miss out the Prisoners Quest line, because it`s going to increase your fire damage even more than the starting point.

To make that possible be sure to get the Ring of Night`s Fire (increase fire damage) & Rhogar`s Delight (increase fire damage and fire defense).

You may add the Mineowner`s Ring as well, just in case you want to make your stamina regulated and escape any unpredictable attacks.

As the most suitable armor for this type of build you should take the Lord Armor, which will help you to get +205 Fire damage mitigation. Cool, right? 

Note: You can get this armor from finishing the Earth Quest Line.

The spells aren’t huge of a factor in the Inferno Building because most of the job is done by the weapon only.

However you may consider using the following spells: Searing Accusation +10 (+18 Inferno), Lava Burst (+8 Inferno), Severing Blades (+35 Inferno), Adry`s Authority (+8 Inferno), etc.

The Infernal Weapon (+19 Inferno) it`s main essential weapon you must have when building Inferno. It`s actually the leading spell that will help you to increase the strength of your attacks.

Runes to increase Inferno: Berlam (increase inferno attribute scaling), Anarkos (increase inferno sealing), Velox (increase agility), Hix (increase strength attribute scaling) etc.

Enjoy your God Tier Inferno Build and stay tuned to reveal more interesting facts about Lords of The Fallen!

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