Time to see how you can unlock the second rune slot in Lords of the Fallen!

The second rune slot is pretty much the second socket that you can unlock for your items and weapons in Lords of the Fallen. This is a very important step that you need to make in the game because it will help you become much stronger and allow you to complete assignments faster.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the second rune slot in Lords of the Fallen.

How To Unlock The Second Rune Slot / Chipped Rune Tablet Location

To start off, you need to head over and obtain the Chipped Rune Tablet if you want to unlock the second rune slot.

To obtain the Chipped Rune Tablet, you need to head over to the Upper Calrath Mining District, in the Vestige of Doln.

From the checkpoint, you want to take the first exit on the right side and continue going forward as the path guides you.

Eventually, you will come across a castle balcony and will need to drop down to the lower part of the area of it, turn right and continue going forward.

The first right that you see after dropping will be a small wood platform that you can drop from and get to the lower part.

From there, continue going forward up the staircase.

Continue following the path upwards until you come to a dead end and the only way to go is right, into a house through the roof.

Inside the house, you need to go to the lower floor inside the living room and where the fire place is, you can obtain the Chipped Rune Tablet.

Once the Chipped Rune Tablet has been obtained, head over to your Blacksmith and had it over to him to unlock it.

After that, the second rune slot will be unlocked. Keep in mind that the second rune will only be available for weapons and equipment pieces that actually have 2 rune slots.

We hope this guide helped you!

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