Read this guide to discover what you need to get the S Tier Build Umbral Death Knight Build in Lords of The Fallen.

One of the hardest builds to achieve, because before getting to the end stats, you need to pass through different stages and places to get a suitable equipment. Having a specific distance and strength are the best preferences to describe the S Tier Umbral Death Knight Build. This guide will show you what you need to include into your characters build to achieve the best stadium of it!

S Tier Build Umbral Death Knight Build – Lords Of The Fallen

What you need to take care of is select powerful spells, because you can achieve this build at level 130 which means stronger and challenging opponents.

However, all of that can be covered with selecting suitable equipment and watching over your stats.


As you can see from the numbers written bellow, 50 radiance and inferno means that this stats build is able to make big damage to enemies:

  • Strength – 12
  • Agility – 11
  • Endurance – 20
  • Vitality – 40
  • Radiance – 50
  • Inferno – 50

After finishing the game there is a chance to lower your radiance and inferno levels. However this build will for sure benefit your battles.

When it comes to vitality increasing it to 60 it`s ideal number and as for durance 20 is a perfect way to go.

Equipment & Weapons

The main thing to do is to increase the damage of the main weapon you use to defeat the enemies that appear in this level.

One of the weapons you need to get is the Melted Dark Crusader Sword +10 (400 damage) which may take some time. It has a V scaling in every single stat, so it will help you to aim the best results from your character.

When it comes to the spell you need to go for, I would recommend you the Latimer`s Javelin for this build. 

Then the Umbral Weapon that can be found in early game, and you can trade some of the other poisons you have to get this one. The trade is made with our friend MOHU.

Not so strong but explosive weapons you need to get is the Barrage of Echoes. It does a little exploding and with radiance 18 and inferno 18 as well will help you do little more damage when fighting.

When choosing the shield, as a part of your armor, the most suitable one for this build is the Faceless Craving.

Next what you need to get to increase the damage and defense is the Mineowner`s Ring and Ring of Night`s Fire (which deals with the additional fire and wither damage).

After getting all of the items above, if you need something extra to fill up stats build go for the Fallen Lord`s Sword + 10.

An extra one-hand weapon that will increase your damage by max 200 (or more depends on the spell equip you put into it).

You may as well want to try the Natrum in the Crimson Rector Shield +5 and gain a small amount of Mana Regeneration (by choice only).

This is the maximum you can reach from forming this building. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates on Lords of The Fallen!

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