Here is a quick build for your character in Lords of the Fallen to deal enormous amounts of damage!

As you level up in Lords of the Fallen, you will encounter different stats and you will need to set up your character to a specific route. Today we will be covering the strength build that you can use for your character by setting up proper stat points and wielding some of the best weapons.

In this guide, you will see the S Tier Strength Build Guide for Lords of the Fallen.

S Tier Strength Build Guide – Lords of the Fallen

This build is going to be based on applying as much damage as possible not only to single targets, but to multiple targets at once. You will be using a grand sword which will apply a lot of damage at once.


To start off, for this build, you will need to be a level 130 character and this character is going to have the following stats:

  • Strength – 75
  • Agility – 8
  • Endurance – 40
  • Vitality – 40
  • Radiance – 12
  • Inferno – 8

This may look like a very offensive build where you have no defenses, but that is where the vitality comes in to play. The 40 vitality is more then enough for you to survive multiple battles and not die easily.

Equipment & Weapon

The weapon that you will be using for this build is going to be the Sword of Skin and Tooth.

For a bow and arrow, you want to use the Trapper Crossbow combined with the Cinder Arrows.

Don’t forget to use Fire Salts to increase your fire damage upon striking blows.

Stock up on Ammunition Satchels and Ammunition Pouches because they will be the most important role of you holding ammunition and dealing damage from a far.

For the necklace, go ahead and get Rhogar’s Delight which increases your fire damage and fire defense. Obtained by completing the tortured prisoner quest line.

For rings, equip the Ring of Night’s Fire which deals additional fire damage and wither damage.

For the defensive ring, you want to go ahead and get your hands on the Mineowner’s Ring. This ring will increase your max stamina and stamina regeneration rate.

The best rune for your character that you can use is the Orimon.

Be sure to apply the following sockets for your weapon:

  • Ativ x2
  • Shon

And your build should look something like this to deal a ton of damage.

I hope this guide helped you make the best damaging build for your character in Lords of the Fallen.

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