Lost in Play: Crow Puzzle Guide

Check out this guide to figure out how you can complete the crow puzzle in Lost in Play!

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Lost in Play is an amazing adventurous game filled with childhood imagination and puzzles filled with different colorful characters. In this game, you will explore various lands and complete different objectives. On your journey, you will get to experience some of the most wonderful animations and challenges against different opponents.

In this guide, you can finally figure out how to properly solve the crow puzzle in Lost in Play!

Crow Puzzle Guide – Lost in Play

The Crow Puzzle Guide will take place once you’ve reached the top of the tree near the end-game chapters. You will notice a bunch of signs and crows all around you as you continue climbing the tree.

When you get to the top, you will see a giant crow and 4 small crows. That is where the puzzle will take place.

The 4 small birds will hold small signs that you can interact with and change them. The correct signs will be the ones on the lower level from the top of the tree. You will see a few signs that have the same images that the birds show you.

Simply have the birds hold the signs in this specific order and you will have the puzzle completed.

And just like that, the puzzle is now completed, and the big crow will pop out another crow from its helmet which will grant you the flower collectible!

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