MADiSON: All Codes & Passwords Guide

Want to know all the codes and passwords in MADiSON? Check out this guide to find out!

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MADiSON is a great newly released horror game that is filled with a ton of collectibles and secret puzzles that you need to complete in order to receive different trophies and have some cool and interesting endings for the game.

This guide will show you all the passwords and codes in MADiSON!

All Codes & Passwords Guide – MADiSON

Well Locks

Once you get to the well, you will have 3 locks that are around it and will require you to get the correct symbols in order to unlock it.

These symbols can be found in a triangular painting on the wall. To get them, simply use the camera on the symbol to reveal all 3 codes.

Now just get to the well and put the symbols on all 3 locks to get unlock them and continue progressing through the game.

Once the locks have been unlocked, you will need to take a picture of the well to break the stone block.

Green Safe

The code for the green safe can be found by combining the notes on the 2 notepads.

  • The location for the first notepad can be found inside the bathroom
  • The second notepad can be located inside the clocks room in one of the drawers.

To get the correct pattern of the safe code, you will firstly need to read the notepad that you’ve found inside the clock room, and follow up by adding the code from the notepad that you’ve found in the bathroom.

Red Safe

The code for the red safe is the same for everyone, use the following code

  • 7 LEFT , 4 RIGHT, 3 LEFT

Little Door

The Little Door can be located at the end of the game. During the progression of the game, you’ll obtain 4 different red photos with numbers on them. You need to use these 4 numbers that you see on the images on the padlock to open it up and unlock the door.

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