Time to finally solve the attic portrait puzzle in MADiSON! Check out this guide to find out!

MADiSON is a fantastic first-person POV horror game that will guide you through creepy churches and abandoned buildings. Inside these structures, you will find various monsters, scary builds, and even magical areas that will do crazy things if you take a picture of them with your camera.

This guide will show you how you can solve the attic portrait puzzle in MADiSON.

Attic Portrait Puzzle Solution Guide – MADiSON

Once you’ve collected all 4 portraits, go to the area where you need to hang these portraits and take pictures of the walls. Taking a picture from each area on the wall will reveal a number.

Each of these numbers for players will be random, you will need to have a result of the number 43 on each portrait, you can get this number by dividing or adding the number that is on the image with the one or the portrait.

For example, you get the number 13 on your image with the picture that you’ve taken and you open up your inventory with the portraits.

Once you’ve managed to get the number 43 on all 4 different areas by adding or dividing numbers that you take with your camera, place the portraits and if they are correctly placed, the lights will go out and allow you to go through the area.

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