Tired of the clock puzzle in MADiSON? Check out this guide to find out how you can solve it!

MADiSON is a great newly released horror game that is filled with a ton of collectibles and secret puzzles that you need to complete in order to receive different trophies and have some cool and interesting endings for the game.

This guide will show you how you can solve the clock puzzle in MADiSON!

Clock Puzzle Guide – MADiSON

This puzzle is slightly trickier. There are a total of 4 different clocks around the house that represent different times. Each clock has a specific timer. Your job is to match all 4 clocks in the clock room with the clocks around them.

For example:

  • In the image below, you can see how all 3 clocks show the same time zone around this one. Your job now is to locate a smaller clock with this timer and place it at this area.

Here are the locations of all the clocks that are around the house:

  • Clock #1: Can be found in the hall close to the room with the 2 safes.
  • Clock #2: This clock can be found in the attic.
  • Clock #3: Can be found inside the kitchen.
  • Clock #4: This clock can be found at the hallway from where you begin the game.

Your job is to find the correct timer for each clock and place is around the bigger clocks to match the timer.

Once you’ve placed 1 clock, the other one will be unlocked and you can take it with you and place it to a different clock so you are able to obtain the other piece.

NOTE that all the clocks are different for each player. The timer is not the same and there is not a specific pattern that you can follow, you need to figure out which exact timer is located where.

Once all 4 timers have been correctly set up in the basement, all of the clocks will begin to turn and you can use the camera to open the white door and continue playing.

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